Anyong Haseyo!

The usual bar with the usual crew.

Two Asian girls walked in, looking very Korean. I opened with that, they hooked easily, and Verity came in to talk over the top of me talk to them too*. However, the girls seemed to cautious to be separated, too doe-eyed to be pulled home that night, and were leaving for Sydney the next day. In light of the above, I decided the set was a dud and went back to chillin with da homies.

Da Homies

We had such a large crew, and that I constantly saw these girls talking to various guys from our group. Probably four or five of us approached them throughout the evening.
One guy (non-PUA) that came along that night is Brandon. Brandon is from my maths class. He is a little bit gangsta. When I met him, he always drank whiskey and coke. One night we were out and I bought him IPA (Indian Pale ale (pretty strong, flavoursome beer)) for the fun of it, not expecting him to like it. Somehow he did. Now he demands IPA at the bars we go to (usually the bartender is like ‘What is IPA???’).

So Brandon was buying IPA all night, and we were having a good time. Brandon ends up talking to the Koreans at one point, and then the bar closes and we decide to go downstairs for a drink and a chat. As we’re heading off, Brandon mentions we should bring them along, so we wait for them. They appear, with Verity, and we tell them to come along. They seem to consider but then Verity drags them off, so he wins that round.

Downstairs Verity is with the girls, but he wants a wing to help out. No one’s keen. When he realises they’re leaving the next day, I think he decided the set’s a dud too, and went to look for other prospects. Brandon and I grab more IPA, and then run into the Koreans. I know what to say to her so I just told her she looked good and if we were alone I’d grab her and kiss her. She didn’t object at all, so I did it, and she responded well. For next 10 minutes we talked about sex, and then I told her I wanted to take her elsewhere. She agreed.

Took her home and fucked her. No resistance.

So both Verity and I thought this girl was friendly but not DTF at all, and then it all it took was 10minutes of talking to her and she left her friend to fuck. Seems like a big big learning point.

The next day I called Verity to rub it in discuss this*.

*Any cuntery in the above post is in good fun.


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