The girl who’s waiting for marriage

I’ve barely done any game since November 2014. An internship to finish, a trip to India, and then writing my PhD confirmation report have gotten in the way.

But a few girls have found their way into my bed, and it’d be remiss of me not to put pen to paper now I’ve got this grand spankin’ new journal. So here’s the story of a nice Korean girl I daygamed way back in 2014.

Last year we had a date that was not only immediately sexual, and also highly enjoyable, since she’s a lovely, energetic girl. Some sushi and a drink or two in a bar, and she was rubbing my cock. Everyone was happy (except the bartender who seemed to think that was inappropriate – bah!).

Normally, it’d be “on”. But here’s the catch. She’s religious, and told me she wants to save herself for marriage (to this day I’m not sure if she meant that, or its just something she said to shift the blame for any misadventures away from herself). At the time I believed her, and I ruled sex out. Fuck me, the jesus cockblock gives me the shits! Dude has betrayed his gender.

But I think if you meet a girl you like, there’s nothing wrong with spending time with her – sex or no sex.

We hung out again and I told her about game. That I grew up an introvert, with little contact with women, and then learned game. Girls like it when you are real with them (since most guys aren’t), and I think being honest helps to build a good vibe. Personally I liked her, and I wanted her to know what she’s getting into, if she wanted to keep seeing me. We talked about what it’d be like if we had sex, how’d I watch her tits bounce up and down while she was on top of me. She constantly verbally rejected it whilst pushing her tits against me.

I went overseas and didn’t see her for a month.

When we next met up, we hung out in Carlton Gardens. We were getting pretty intimate, and she was nervous about it – new experiences and all. So I told her I wouldn’t have sex with her today, to help her relax. It got dark and we went back to my place for some coconut cocktails. Pretty soon we were on the bed and clothes were coming off. She gave me a BJ (freaking out the whole time), and then I offered to go down on her. She declined! Kinda funny, cos I almost never go down on girls, and the one time I offer I got shut down.

And then she asked me if I would fuck her. Hmmmm. Didn’t expect that. I was pretty much about to when I decided that doing so – after telling her I wouldn’t – would weigh pretty heavily on my conscience. So I didn’t.

And that’s the story of how I didn’t bang a girl who wanted me to. Chode.

But she came over a week later ‘for a film’. And she knew what she was gonna get. And she did.


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