The girl who’s waiting for marriage

I’ve barely done any game since November 2014. An internship to finish, a trip to India, and then writing my PhD confirmation report have gotten in the way.

But a few girls have found their way into my bed, and it’d be remiss of me not to put pen to paper now I’ve got this grand spankin’ new journal. So here’s the story of a nice Korean girl I daygamed way back in 2014.

Last year we had a date that was not only immediately sexual, and also highly enjoyable, since she’s a lovely, energetic girl. Some sushi and a drink or two in a bar, and she was rubbing my cock. Everyone was happy (except the bartender who seemed to think that was inappropriate – bah!).

Normally, it’d be “on”. But here’s the catch. She’s religious, and told me she wants to save herself for marriage (to this day I’m not sure if she meant that, or its just something she said to shift the blame for any misadventures away from herself). At the time I believed her, and I ruled sex out. Fuck me, the jesus cockblock gives me the shits! Dude has betrayed his gender.

But I think if you meet a girl you like, there’s nothing wrong with spending time with her – sex or no sex.

We hung out again and I told her about game. That I grew up an introvert, with little contact with women, and then learned game. Girls like it when you are real with them (since most guys aren’t), and I think being honest helps to build a good vibe. Personally I liked her, and I wanted her to know what she’s getting into, if she wanted to keep seeing me. We talked about what it’d be like if we had sex, how’d I watch her tits bounce up and down while she was on top of me. She constantly verbally rejected it whilst pushing her tits against me.

I went overseas and didn’t see her for a month.

When we next met up, we hung out in Carlton Gardens. We were getting pretty intimate, and she was nervous about it – new experiences and all. So I told her I wouldn’t have sex with her today, to help her relax. It got dark and we went back to my place for some coconut cocktails. Pretty soon we were on the bed and clothes were coming off. She gave me a BJ (freaking out the whole time), and then I offered to go down on her. She declined! Kinda funny, cos I almost never go down on girls, and the one time I offer I got shut down.

And then she asked me if I would fuck her. Hmmmm. Didn’t expect that. I was pretty much about to when I decided that doing so – after telling her I wouldn’t – would weigh pretty heavily on my conscience. So I didn’t.

And that’s the story of how I didn’t bang a girl who wanted me to. Chode.

But she came over a week later ‘for a film’. And she knew what she was gonna get. And she did.


Anyong Haseyo!

The usual bar with the usual crew.

Two Asian girls walked in, looking very Korean. I opened with that, they hooked easily, and Verity came in to talk over the top of me talk to them too*. However, the girls seemed to cautious to be separated, too doe-eyed to be pulled home that night, and were leaving for Sydney the next day. In light of the above, I decided the set was a dud and went back to chillin with da homies.

Da Homies

We had such a large crew, and that I constantly saw these girls talking to various guys from our group. Probably four or five of us approached them throughout the evening.
One guy (non-PUA) that came along that night is Brandon. Brandon is from my maths class. He is a little bit gangsta. When I met him, he always drank whiskey and coke. One night we were out and I bought him IPA (Indian Pale ale (pretty strong, flavoursome beer)) for the fun of it, not expecting him to like it. Somehow he did. Now he demands IPA at the bars we go to (usually the bartender is like ‘What is IPA???’).

So Brandon was buying IPA all night, and we were having a good time. Brandon ends up talking to the Koreans at one point, and then the bar closes and we decide to go downstairs for a drink and a chat. As we’re heading off, Brandon mentions we should bring them along, so we wait for them. They appear, with Verity, and we tell them to come along. They seem to consider but then Verity drags them off, so he wins that round.

Downstairs Verity is with the girls, but he wants a wing to help out. No one’s keen. When he realises they’re leaving the next day, I think he decided the set’s a dud too, and went to look for other prospects. Brandon and I grab more IPA, and then run into the Koreans. I know what to say to her so I just told her she looked good and if we were alone I’d grab her and kiss her. She didn’t object at all, so I did it, and she responded well. For next 10 minutes we talked about sex, and then I told her I wanted to take her elsewhere. She agreed.

Took her home and fucked her. No resistance.

So both Verity and I thought this girl was friendly but not DTF at all, and then it all it took was 10minutes of talking to her and she left her friend to fuck. Seems like a big big learning point.

The next day I called Verity to rub it in discuss this*.

*Any cuntery in the above post is in good fun.

Capture the Flag – France

Third time lucky

One night the Dragons – at our favourite bar – decided to perform some ‘betagame’, with the intention of finding out if the font of game knowledge is really correct.

(We were about 4 pints to the better)

First set: “Hi girls, we thought you’re absolutely gorgeous, would it be ok if we bought you a drink?”

They walked off – conclusion: betagame is a fail.

Next set: “Hi girls, we thought you’re absolutely gorgeous, would be it be ok if we bought you a drink?”

I don’t remember the details, but the girls hooked and I wound up with a solid number off one of them. Enter ‘betagame girl’

Fast forward two weeks. I’ve finished my one exam, and the filo girl that I really like has left the country. I’ve got a huge backlog of girls to date (defile). So I sent out a message to a few of few of them, asking when they’re free. They all replied back: ‘busy every day this week except Thursday’.

So I guess I had to pick and choose the best prospects. I told a Colombian to meet me in the afternoon on Thursday, and a Swede to meet me in the evening. The other girl – ‘betagame girl’ would have to wait (she seemed the most flakey). However the Swede was ill and cancelled. So betagame girl was moved into pole position – Thursday evening.

As it happened, the Colombian stood me up – but I was kinda happy about that anyway cos I was feeling lazy. So that’s two flakes in one day. Women are useless. However, betagame girl came to the rescue though, not flaking and being only 30min late.

I was expecting a half-caste girl who – I was 90% sure – was from Belgium. Other than that I could remember nothing about her. I was totally wrong on both of these points – she was very pale, and actually French, but with frizzy hair and a perfect ass.

We sat for about an hour and half in a café, me chugging beers and her slowly sipping a wine. It was all eye contact and leading the conversation. I find that learning to lead a conversation can be really effective in developing the masculine-feminine vibe on a date. I’ll work on it more in the future.

She was ready to be kissed, but it seemed a bit awkward in the café. Plus, at the moment I’m trying to hold off on making out until the perfect moment (ie the moment that gets me laid) We went down the road to a more intimate bar. After 15min of chatter, I pulled her in to kiss, and she melted.

Half way through our drinks, I suggested listening to some music back at mine, and she was like “Really?”, like she was the luckiest girl in the world.

So we headed off and I got the lay – no resistance. Probably 2.5hrs from meeting her to getting her back to mine.

Afterwards, we put on some electronic music, and she danced for me. The image of that perfect French ass gyrating in front of my face is something I’ll remember for a long time to come!

The two big takeaways for me are :

1.       Don’t be afraid to pull girls home quickly on a day 2
2.       Use conversation to develop polarity. No need to be making out all the time.

I’m actually wondering if the second bar was necessary. Maybe I could’ve pulled her home after the café, prior to making out with her.

Tack För Sverige

Quarter 4 of 2014 has kicked off bang (actually a few of them).

Saturday night saw me getting rummy – extremely rummy! – at a party. Around midnight the team jumped in a car to one of the local rehydration stations bars.

There was a bit of a line to get in (bad). But we were waiting behind some swedish girls (good). Three of us, and three of them. I ended up talking to a tall, sexy girl with dark hair and strong blue eyes. She wasn’t bitchy… but a bit defiant. Her eye contact was pretty strong. She’d make strong, resistant eye contact with me, and I think it was all so she could be slapped down. Enjoyable. Like Taylor wrote, its great when girls challenge you.

I tried on some of Krauser’s eye mesmer/hynotic scanning routines, and they worked a charm- we were making out before we’d made it into the venue.

I think the seduction was over by this point. She went to the toilets and then danced with her friends. She’d try to get my attention whenever I was around. We danced a bit and I hung out with some other girls to try to get a jealousy plotline going but was probably unnecessary. Also I had some more beers which was definitely unnecessary!

Took her to a couch, where she wanted to put her number in my phone. Instead I wanted to put her in a taxi to my place, and so I did.

The sex was dirty, sordid and grotty. I liked it. Like having a kebab at 4am.

LMR Battles

Good girls aren’t really good girls.

Met this girl in a bar. She’s on holiday for a couple of weeks, got a boyfriend back home. A total good girl. A little shy, goes to church. Tells me she won an award for being the most well behaved student in high school.

And totally addicted to dominant bad boys. I’ve met her type before. Despite her extreme sweetness, she’s got a cheeky side to her I love.

We talk for 10 minutes in the bar, and I tell her I want to kiss her. Her response:’No my friend will see’.

The next morning she starts messaging me. We arrange to meet the following evening. I’m excited. Really super excited. Firstly, I’m back into the game in a big way. Everything in life is going well right now. I want to meet girls! Secondly, there’s something about pulling another’s man’s girl that I crave. That’s a bit of an inner game issue; something I should deal with. Personally I don’t care about sleeping with taken girls – its dark but if they’re gonna cheat, they’re gonna cheat. But I don’t like the idea that I’m excited about taking something that belongs to another guy. Points to some lack of self-worth like I need validation not just from pulling women, but from pulling other men’s women.

We meet up, get some sushi and a beer. Inane chatter. She tells me she lost her virginity in a toilet at age 14. I tell her how I used to be super shy and got used to socialising as much as possible (of course she doesn’t believe me).

She’s fucking cute by the way. Absolutely tiny.

As we head for the next bar, I try on a little kiss close gambit, and she resists. At the next bar, resistance is dialed up to 11. She won’t sit near me, definitely won’t kiss, but still it just seems like she’s up for it. I’m getting a little frustrated though. Her friend calls her to try and get her to meet for a drink but she won’t leave. She starts hitting me and trying to pinch me. She’;s doing it all the time, and I get annoyed, grab her arms, her push her down on the couch and kiss her.

She’s into it. In a big way. But as soon as we stop, she goes quiet and into deep thought. I guess her boyfriend is on her mind, but later I find out what it really is. We make out, drink and talk. It’s cool, I like her. We grab more beer and go to my place.

Thus commences the LMR battle to end all LMR battles. She’s highly resistant to kissing, and keeps telling me half-heartedly that she has a boyfriend. But when I do occaisionally get her kissing, she’s uncontrollable.

Each time we have 2 minutes of intense making out, then she flips out. I notice the more dominant I am, the more I just ignore her protests, the more she likes it.

“I have a boyfriend”
“Shhh – kiss my neck”

She puts no effort to try and remove herself from the bedrooms, and keeps drinking so I’m just taking that as a sign to keep escalating.

But she won’t remove her goddamn dress. Just will not do it. After an hour of this back and forth, I’m on my knees on the bed and pull her against me (she’s tiny). She’s so into it, and I’m fucking determined to get that dress on. I’m pulling it off and she’s pulling it on.

“I’m gonna take this thing off!” Give her the eye mesmer. “I’ll rip it if I have to”.

And she lets me take it off.

Soon her tits are out. Progress.

But it’s still 1 step forward, 1 step backward. She’s seriously stubborn. Another hour goes by, a couple of freeze outs, and there’s no way she’ll let me get those panties off. But she makes no effort to leave whatsoever.

She needs to let her boyfriend know where she is. Phone comes out.

After 2 hrs I’ve given up. Its not happening. I still had a good time with her, but I’m not getting anywhere! Its frustrating. I start going to sleep and she lies next to me. Occaisionally we kiss a little, but that’s it.

She’s holding my hand and rubbing it a little.

‘Give it one more go’ I think. We start kissing, and soon she’s on top of me rubbing her pussy on my cock (panties still on). I’m fingering her pussy and she’s moaning hard. I go to pull the panties off and she’s pulls them back on. FUCK! I pull them off. She pulls them on.

I try to pull them off.

Something snaps…

She helps me get them off quick smart and jumps on top of me, looks at me, and asks if I want to do this.


After 3hrs of anticipation, my dick is ready to explode  – 3hrs of hard work, 20seconds of sex! WOO!


This taught me a fucking heap about game.

Outer game:
-There are no good girls.
-Taken girls can be escalated faster.
-If she’s in the bedroom, keep escalating.
-Women will cheat. I don’t want to get cheated on. The only solution I see to this is to choose very carefully which girls I bring into my life, and to get very good at game.

Inner game
-I love these sweet girls with a hidden bad side.
-Getting enjoyment out of taking another man’s woman is not the way to a whole some life. It screams of taking value. A demon to be slayed.
-Some girls shouldn’t be touched. This may have been one of them. She’s already way attached to me. But I don’t have the will power to not sleep with them. Not at the moment, maybe not ever.

A man has to have principles. As it stands, I try to always let a girl know that I’m unlikely to be monogamous with her, prior to sleeping with her (not 100% there yet).

With taken women, I think more principles need to be added.
-No cutting another man’s lunch because I can – it has to be about the girl.
-Nothing that could break up a family.
-Not playing a girls emotions to make her get attached to me when I don’t have the attention of giving her a relationship.
-No girls that are with guys I know, whether I like them or not.

Some of these are easier to stick to than others. I like to think that once day I’ll get to the point where knowing I could pursue a girl is enough, without having to do it.


Anyway, it was a huge emotional battle. So many ups and downs. The resulting dopamine hit/adrenal rush has put me on a natural high for 24hrs so far and still going storng. It feels good. Really good.

The next day the Dragons congregated for a celebratory milkshake. Those are good guys, they’ve helped me a lot in getting to this point, and I wanted to thank them for that, so the milkshakes were on me.

Lay Report – Robbing The Cradle

Lately I’ve been getting into (literally and figuratively) girls of darker complexion.

I’ve banged (or nearly banged) eight Asians this year. Upon arrival back in Melbourne after my Korean holiday, I realised it was time to cure myself of the dreaded yellow fever, and – more importantly – put a stop to the yellow fever related shit slinging from my wings. I’m not into Aussie girls, so I’m concentrating on Indians, Africans, and any South Americans or Euro tourists that I can pick out. That’s for daygame – with nightgame I’ll can take any nationality I can get my hands on.

I spotted this girl strolling home one day after work. Calling her a seven would be generous, but she’s got lovely dark skin, fantastic hair, and an introverted, creative vibe, and piques my interest. Upon closer inspection she’s half Carribean, half Australian, and a little bit of a hippie. I grab the number, and we tee up a date later in the week…

…which goes smoothly. It turns out that she’s almost a decade younger than I am, but it doesn’t worry her, and excites me. My first 18yr old. As above, she’s introverted, and so I build plenty of comfort with her. She asks me why I’m so confident, which completely surprised me, and made me realise that I whilst I may appear confident to other people, I haven’t totally internalised that I am a confident man. In answering her question, I vaguely describe how I was a very shy boy, but how I grew into myself through pushing myself to be more social and outgoing. Its such a great opportunity to build rapport with her. Everything I say resonates with her, as she’s also introverted, and a bit of an outsider I suspect. We had a great date; by the end of it, she’s totally submitting, sitting on my lap, and holding onto me. There’s a lovely warmth between us. I’d love to go for the first date lay, but she seems a little too cautious for that.



A couple of weeks later we meet up again, and I get a chance to try out my new idea for getting girls home on a second date. She gets there ahead of me.

After a quick drink, I’m about to plant the idea of a glass of wine at my place when she does it for me. ‘Can we go somewhere quieter where we can talk?’ she asks. Given we’re already in a pretty quiet venue…

On the way home, we’re both nervous about what we both know is coming, and the conversation drops a little. I seriously need to get better at making bullshit random conversation about nothing. But once home, it doesn’t take long from pouring the wine to getting my dick in.

Sex is average. She refuses doggie style. +1 18yr old virgin.



Capture the flag – Mexico

Shit! Another lay from nightgame??? Maybe I’m not a daygamer after all. Identity crisis.

Its early evening on a Friday and I’m out with the usual suspects. Early on I was on a date with Little Miss Cameroon. People are slowly getting warmed up, most getting ready to watch the world cup. My mate opens a two set of Mexicans at his favorite bar. But they’re not his type, so he kindly handballs ’em my way. The cuter one has dark medium length straight hair, dark eyes, and a little extra weight, but not that  bad. The whole pick up is just routine. Standard 10 minute daygame set type stuff. She gets teased about being a boring tax accountant, and about only drinking tequila. She’s got a twinkle in her eye, and I’m rubbing my hands in glee – a Mexican! I want that Mexi-flag! The girls are out for a quick drink before watching the football. ‘Whose playing?’ I ask. ‘Mexico vs Cameroon’ she says.

Hold it right there! I just made out with a Cameroonian, and now I’m teasing a Mexican. And she’s telling me its Mexico V Cameroon. I love stupid games, and making out with girls from both countries fits the bill.

After some normal chit chat, she wants to know the colour of my eyes. Its too dark for her to see them, so on that pretext her, I mini bounce her to another part of the bar for ‘just a minute’.

As it happens, ‘just a minute’ is just long enough for a quick make out and her number to make its way into my phone.

Fast forward a week, and we meet up for a drink. I want to dissect the date, but there’s nothing to dissect. It was sushi, then to a bar where we make out. Next we jumped on the train to my favourite cigar bar. At this point, she’s just enamored with me. Her body is massively angled towards me, and when I pull her in, she puts her head on my shoulder and lets me feel her up. She’s such an affectionate, gentle girl that its a lovely, relaxing evening, particularly after Cameroon. After I’m done with my Cohiba, I suggest some wine back at my place.


I had me one of these

Little Miss Mexico is massively submissive, and so she gets the sour cream fucked out of her taco. I’ve put up a post about submission in women, so lets explore this further. The whole evening, I feel this girl is ready to give up her soul. Its in the eyes. Its the way her body falls against mine on the couch in the cigar bar. The finale occurs when I’ve got her on her back in my bed. I’m fingering her with one hand, and lightly choking her with the other. As I gradually let go, her eyes rolls upwards to look at me, and the look she gives is ‘I’ll do anything you want me to’. I tell her that’s how she looks, and she responds ‘I’m your slave’. She’s ripe to give up her soul. Have to be careful with this one.

Followed by something like this

Followed by something like this

One o those nightgame lays

Its Melbourne Lair Newbies Night, and my plan is to go along for the first half, listen to my mates talk, and then meet up with the Cameroonian (a daygame chick whose painstakingly resisted my best efforts to close (sidenote: now closed)) and take her home. Of course, the best laid (LOL) plans oft go astray. Cameroon cancels and I’m undecided as to whether I should go out to some bars, or head home and read some South American Seabord adventure fiction – deadly bandits and lucrative silver mines, rebellion and revolution!

Choices! Whats a man to do?

Choices! What’s a man to do?

Cos I’m such a generous guy (not to mention a supremely talented nightgamer (NOT)), I head out to try to help a couple of the of new lair-dudes. All CBD are venues massively overrun by hungry PUAs, but its a good social night, and the new boys are putting in their best efforts to approach, despite some nerves. Good on ’em! At rooftop, beer is cheap and its great to chill with the new guys and talk shop with some of the more experienced dudes. Actually this is how nightgame should be – having fun with everyone and not feeling so much pressure to be opening sets all the time.

Once Rooftop is closing up, the gang heads downstairs to another bar. The place is fucking cranking. The dancefloor is crammed full of drunken nutters, whilst the DJ is busting out some solid beats. Operation: Dance floor game begins. Soon I’m dancing with some Italian bird and it all seems to be going well. I’ve got my hands on her hips, and her body’s pressed against mine. But everytime I go in for kiss, she’s not up for it. Story of my life, particularly with foreign girls. I’m yet to figure out if there’s a way to overcome this. I move on.

At the back of the dancefloor, there’s this nice looking girl with the kind of curly hair that I love, so I let her know she’s got a great 80s haircut. According to a mate, it was on straight away, but I didn’t pick on this, so just started dancing and chatting to her. Soon her friends have wandered off somewhere and its looking like a good opportunity for a cheeky little makeout. ‘I’ve never kissed a girl with an 80s haircut before’ I tell her – she doesn’t give me the go ahead, but she doesn’t object either, so I just go for it. Success.

Lately I’ve been trying to present myself to girls as a player who its ok to be sexually open with (as a opposed to someone that she should date). This is standard operating procedure for SNLs in nightgame, but I wanna extend it to daygame as well. Part of the key to this is how I’m physically escalating with girls. I like to do it overtly, and unashamedly, whilst letting the girl have fun. Here’s an example of how I’ve been trying to do it.

Me: Your haircut is making me feel like I should be taking you to an 80s prom dance. We’d be 18, nervous and awkward. You’re in a nice gown, and I’m wearing a blue suit and too much hair gel.

Her: The suit has to be really bright.

Me: Of course – and a ridiculously wide tie. I hope your dress is going to show off your tits. Do you have nice tits [pull open her jacket to have a look at them]

Her: They’re ok

Me: Its too dark, I can’t tell. I’m just gonna feel them [go ahead without waiting for permission]

I reckon chicks love the boldness of it all and I have lots and lots of fun making a game like that out of escalation. We dance for a bit longer, and next she wants to find her friends. They’re near the door, and the three girls chat whilst I lean back against the wall. On my phone there’s a txt from a friend of mine ‘Where u go?’ I respond ‘Trying to take this girl home. We’ll see’. I didn’t realise but as I was typing that, but she’d come over to stand next to me! ‘I saw what you wrote’ says she. I respond ‘Yep thats what I’m trying to do’. ‘I’m not going home with you!’. ‘That won’t stop me from giving it a shot’. We make out a bit more.

We go somewhere more isolated, and make out some more. I tell her I want to take her home, pour myself a whiskey, push her against a wall, look deep in her eyes, and slowly press my body against hers.

Her: That’s nice. But I’m not going home with you.

Me: I’m going to take your home.

Her: We’ll see who has the strongest will [this is pretty much confirmation she’s gonna come home].

[5 minutes of boring chit chat follows]

Me: Lets leave

Her: I’ll just get my bag and jacket. On the way out she introduces me to her friends (so I know her friends name’s, but not hers. Great). They don’t try to cockblock at all, which is very polite of them indeed. Taxi. Home. Whisky. Fuck.

Overall not a satisfying lay. The sex wasn’t great, and I’ve missed out on the traditional post nightgame feed at China Bar. She sleeps for a bit and then leaves halfway through the night, so I never find out her name (nor phone number). Takeaways:

  • Inane chit chat in the taxi to keep her distracted
  • Don’t be ashamed of wanting to fuck a girl

Korea Stories

I’m back from Korea – here’s a summary of PUA related events.

After a horrible flight, I was met by Grey at Incheon airport. Grey is a girl that I daygamed ages ago with Vanguard, but didn’t try to bang due to her having a cold. She was really nice to me the whole trip, and will come up later on in this report. After I hung out with her for most of the day, I wanted to do some day game. First set was a Korean that almost hooked (the closest I got to hooking a Korean on the whole trip). Next up was a well dressed Russian that I instadated for a couple of hours, but couldn’t kiss (what do you expect – she’s Russian).

Russian idate

The Russian

Never heard from her again.

Few days later I met a Korean girl called Yujin. I thought about chasing her, but decided against it (she was massively religious, and a bit older than me). I felt I didn’t need to pursue every single girl that I meet. Yujin showed me lots of cool stuff in her town. She also gave me the meal of my live – live Octopus!. I spent a couple of days doing stuff with her, and it was really awesome.

I left Yujin’s town and went back to Seoul, where I met up with Grey for a late dinner. I then took her back to my hostel dorm, to grab a jacket. The dorm is on the third floor, and in the elevat0r I started kissing Grey (note that Koreans DON’T kiss in public, so that was the first time I’d kissed her on that date). As soon as I kissed her, she pushed herself against me, and I realised she was ready to be fucked. But my dorm was way too full. I had nowhere to take her. We got back in the elevator, and I told her were going on an adventure. I hit the 17th floor button, and it seemed to be a floor of apartments. It was pretty dark in the corridor, and after midnight, so I thought it would be ok to fuck her there. As I’m sucking on her tits, someone comes out of a room and busts us. Dammit! We kind of try to hide (which is impossible in the corridor) and once they dude leaves, we carry on. I’ve got her tights off, and my cock out. I’m about to stick it in when another door opens and we’re busted again! Millimetres away from banging! This time she’s spooked and wants to leave. So we go for coffee, which is not as sex.

The following night, Yujin took me out for dinner in Gangnam (she really liked me and paid for a lot of my shit). I decided to kiss her, and that went down well. Though she was the most retarded kisser of all time. I told her to come with me to a club nearby where I meeting a dude from Darwin (not a PUA). The club was epic. Really upmarket. I’ve never been somewhere where packs of ciggies are free. It also had a swimming pool, and tons of hot Korean birds. We rocked it.

Gangnam style

My experience with Korean clubs is that in the uni clubs, the guys are dicks to Westerners, who they see as competition to their girls. But in the luxury clubs, everyone wants to meet the Westerner (or maybe I was just drunk). Anyway, had a ball in that club (despite having to kick Yujin out so I could meet more girls). I only made out with one girl (as I said, hard to make out with Koreans anywhere that’s not private). I totally lost track of her, but happened to run into her as we were leaving, where I grabbed her facebook, and also ended up getting a taxi with her friends, who were going back to the same district as us.

The next day I was really hungover. Yujin took me out for lunch, and then I ran off to meet up with Se Yoon, the girl from the night before. She was kind of weird, and a bit cold. s
he was worried that I was a player. I told her I was, and she seemed to like the honesty. She kept asking me how many Korean girls I was sleeping with on my trip. She kept demanding to hear about the last girl I’d banged, so I told her about getting caught having sex with Grey two days earlier. Then we made out.

Aside: This is where I realised that there is absolutely no need to try and present yourself in a clean light to girls you want to fuck. No need at all. 

I didn’t bang Se Yoon either. By the end of the night she seemed to really like me, and kept putting her head on my shoulder. She had to go home though, as apparently her parents are really strict (and she still hadn’t been home since the night before in the club). She said she wanted to meet the next day, but that didn’t happen due to a few reasons.

It was pretty late by this point, and I wanted to go back to my hostel and eat some food and sleep. Hin wanted to go out though, and I agreed. We got some chicken and went to a local K pop club. There were very few hotties, and except for two stunning Koreans (found out one was a model), who seemed to be hanging around with an obese Canadian. Hin and I were awestruck by those girls immediately. They were by far the hottest girls in the club. Two chodes were seated between us and the hotties. Randomly, the hotter of the two leaned across the chodes and asked me where I’m from.

Later Hin and I were on the dancefloor, and I opened the set. It went well, and Hin was talking with his girl, and I was dancing with the model. The fat Canadian kept getting in the way all night. Things were going swimmingly, and my girl was getting pretty dirty. I was really hoping for SNL at this point, but we couldn’t figure out what to do about the Canadian.

The girls wanted to go do karaoke, and this is where things went badly. I was super hungover, and I don’t like karaoke at the best of times. My girl sensed this and that I was only coming along for the lay. I had lost the frame and with it, my girl. Girls of that calibre are finely attuned to whats going on, and this one picked up on it immediately. She was really cold toward me from then on. A valuable lesson. Hin still seemed to be doing ok. I think he saw his girl again, but didn’t bang.



The next day was my last in Korea. I met up for lunch with Grey, and took her back to my new hostel (where I had a private room). But she was ill, and had a birthday party on in an hour, so she was 100% not going to do anything more than kiss.

I was a little sad at this point. 10 days in Korea, and whilst it wasn’t a sex holiday, I would’ve liked to fuck one girl. I’d even failed to fuck this girl, who I’d fucked in Melbourne a few months earlier (she did take me to spiderman IMAX). Yujin and her friend wanted to meet near my hostel to see a concert. I went with them, not planning on banging Yujin. After a while, Yujin’s friend left. I told Yujin to come back to my room (she was so into me this was not hard), where I was planning on making out with her before sending her off. Pretty quickly we were banging though, and there was my Korean lay.

When I was kissing her, she did something so retarded that I almost threw her out. I have now learned that I am extremely turned off by unintelligent girls.

Got up early next morning. Flight home as shit as flight there.

I clack another massuese

I already posted about this girl – lets call her Blue. She’s a tall girl from Hong Kong that I daygamed one afternoon before class, and kiss closed very quickly (sub 20min). She works as a massuese and her English is fucking terrible. I was kinda expecting her to flake due to the very quick escalation, but in the end, things worked out.

Over txt she says she’s not free until a Saturday that is over a week away (she works six days a week, until 9pm usually, she says). When that Saturday rolls around, she says she’ll be free after 10pm. I call her then, but she doesn’t answer my call. I’m not surprised at all, though I’m not too bothered because I’ve had another girl (call her C) in my bed that evening. So I decide it’ll be more efficient to find new girls than to bother with her, and that’s that.

A week later, C has taken me out for dinner, cos she’s nice like that. Side note: I find out that yes, squid tentacles and ox tongue are delicious. I’m trying to stuff C in a taxi and take her back to mine, but she wants to get a cocktail and go home to rest or some shit. I suspect if i’d been more dominant I coulda gotten away with it, but then Blue messages me:

I’m at the lion, come and meet me

A msg this late at night, from this girl can only mean one thing. Suddenly I’m not that bothered about C coming home with me. So we grab a cocktail real quick, and I bail to the Lion. She’s waiting for me next to the door, and introduces me to her two friends. One has a boyfriend, and the other seems to be super keen for some Australian cock. I take my girl over to the dancefloor, and start escalating very quickly. She’s horny. Soon I’m fingering her, and its looking like the happy ending will come my way.

Then things go badly. Her friends want to dance, and we have to mind their stuff, so I can’t extract. Her English is shit, and there’s not much to talk about. As the night gets later, the mood disappears, and I go home alone (but not before running into some of the lair lads).

A few days later I msg her again, but there’s no response.  I try again a couple of days later, and again nothing. So once more I assume the trail has gone cold.

Then I’m out daygaming with Verity*, when I get a msg from her saying she’s in the city and we should get dinner. I txt her back to see if she’s alone or with friends, and its the former. The following day is a public holiday so I know she’s not working. Seems like a sure thing.

And it is. We grab some ramen, and the conversation goes like this:

Me: Lets get some wine

Her: Where?

Me: My place

Her: Your place? (uncertain look)

Me: If you’re lucky I’ll show you a bar on the way.

Her: No. Your place is ok.


Back to my place. Banged. Got my massage afterward**.

Dramatic re-enactment

Learning points: 

  • Street kiss close is possible.
  • Dominance can overcome a language barrier
  • Gaming FOBs is very different to gaming white girls. After banging a few of them, I’m starting to get the hang of it.

*Funny thing happened here that I will post about later.

**Funnily enough I’d wanted to get a massage on my lunch break that day, but there aren’t any good places near my office.