Benefits of daygame

The benefits of daygame go beyond the ability to run up to girls on the street. That’s a huge plus right there, but in totality, daygame teaches you to a) read and communicate with people and b) assess and fix your own issues, helping to turn you into a fully-developed and very attractive man.

Last week, I was out for a beer and a chat with a mate of mine, Tom. Running ahead of schedule, I popped into the fish n chip shop next to the pub for a bite to eat, and told Tom to meet me there. A funny situation came up. The girl taking my order seemed just a bit more friendly and a bit more open than her job required. Key giveaway for me was “I got married a year ago, but its going badly”. Testing the waters gave a positive result, and by the time Tom arrived, she was sitting at my table telling me about her hometown.

Number was taken and all signs point to a girl that’s looking for excitement.

My mental image of a man who’s mastered daygame is a man who can not only pull very attractive girls off the street, but who easily and frequently picks up on, and takes advantage of these ‘easy wins’. Thus he can go out and attract quality girls when he wishes, and bang the low hanging fruit at convenience.

Nothing wrong with nightgame, but it doesn’t teach you that.

In other news a banged another young virgin on the weekend. Not gonna write it up in detail, but its worth mentioning that it puts me on ten girls for the year, well behind my aim of twenty in 2014. Hopefully the next four months will bring the goods.


The submission dynamic

Part of drawing a woman into your world, is letting her submit to you. Most PUAs are aware of dominance in the bedroom, but that’s not (specifically) what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the process by which a girl looks up to you as her leader, and slips into a sheltered and safe mindset in which she can relax and express her femininity. The perfect metaphor for this is man-to-woman dancing – the man leads (practicality, character), allowing the woman to display her beauty and poise (aesthetics, personality). Examples of this dynamic are:

  1. On a date, the girl follows your lead
  2. As you get to know each other, you display your worldly competence, and she looks up to you as someone who ‘gets how the world works’.
  3. She accepts that you have the character to look after not only yourself, but her as well. She begins to trust you with her welfare.
  4. She wants you to fuck her.

The above is a rough chronological outline of the process. Stages will overlap, and of course you can think of other examples – eg. during the initial street stop, you may mini bounce a girl to a less-busy part of the street, so you can hear each other better.

As PUAs looking to get laid, the goal is to get to stage 4, but I won’t talk about that here. That’s what game is for. Stages 1-3 ARE NOT NECESSARY to get laid, but they are a) desirable if you want a mutually affirming relationship with the girl, and b) helpful in getting to stage 4, and c) the difference in pulling 8s to pulling 10s. A girl who looks up to you, feels safe with you, and (of course is attracted to you), is a girl that wants to sleep with you.

It should be clear here that I’m talking about ongoing (not necessarily exclusive) relationships where you get to know each other. This is not necessary for SNLs in clubs, or ‘up for it’ girls off the street.

 So the question becomes – how does one go about achieving the submission dynamic? Some ideas:

  • Get used to making decisions and having people follow you.
  • Become confident. Believe that the world is your oyster, and you have the power to whatever you wish with your life. Learn to bounce back from rejection; it’ll carve you into a man’s man.
  • Become competent. Learn manly skills. Be well read, and learn to link concepts from different disciplines. Get used to people relying on you. Be good at your job and hobbies. Do this because you want to, not because you can use it to pull chicks.
  • Have a plan. Know your place in life, and where you are going with it.
  • On dates, once she has ‘won you over’, take care of her. If she’s put on her tallest heels for you, don’t make her walk all over the city. If she’s wearing a short sexy dress in winter, take her to a cosy pub, not a rooftop bar.
  • Allow her to make decisions occaisionally – eg. ‘Lets get something sweet tonight. Do you feel like frozen yoghurt or hot chocolates’. You let her live in your dimension.
  • Explain to her your understanding of the world, and your life plan. Not in a lecture-y way. Allow her to draw it out of you.

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Girls love to be taken on a journey. They thrive on feelings and thoughts, not on facts and figures like most guys.

Back when I was in high school, I always lent toward the analytical subjects – physics, maths and chemistry. Nonetheless, I was never too shabby in my English classes -in particular, I used to really enjoy creative writing. After spending seven years at uni learning about Mises’s stress, and the laws of gravitation, any creative ability has been firmly knocked out of me. A real shame, because I’ve found that its a great item to have in your daygame toolbox.

So lately, I’ve been trying to inject some visual imagery into my daygame sets, with occasional success. Some examples:

It must be exciting for you to discover such a foreign city. I felt the same when I moved to Sweden. All of a sudden, you’re in this huge, new world. I remember wandering around Stockholm, getting lost amongst the imposing skyscrapers, and sprawling streets. Everything is new. As you walk around, you overhear snippets of a language you don’t quite understand, and smell foods that you’ve never experienced. You feel the ebb and flow of the local people, from a culture far different to from own. I imagine you feel like a little girl, lost in world that is much bigger than you are. And its exciting, because in this new city, no one knows who you are. You are free to be whoever you like, to create a new identity for yourself.


One of my favourite memories of exchange was spending Christmas in the Swedish country side. You see, all my European friends had gone back to their hometown’s for Christmas. But Melbourne was too far away for me to do that. Instead, I had a Swedish friend invite me to spend Christmas with her family, out in the country. I was really looking forward to escaping from uni for a few days, and to see how Christmas would be celebrated in Scandanavia. I remember catching the train out to her place. I was sitting next to the window and watching the landscape pass by. The carriage was warm, but I could feel the cold air outside through the window. Outside, the landscape was mysterious. The sun was just starting to set, and we were passing by a dark lake, surrounded by pine trees. Part way through the journey, it began to snow. It was mesmerizing to sit in the warm train, watching the snowflakes slowly drift to the ground. Its a memory that has always stuck with me.

GC_North America_Canada_VIA Rail Train in Snow on Tracks_APT_Train on tracks_LR

Daygame seduction in progress

You should be adding in kino, and gestures at the correct places. Done right, as the girl becomes immersed in the world you describe, her eyes will glaze over, like a little kid being read his favourite bedtime story. Though you are talking to her on a busy street, she’ll feel that she’s been taken into a new world, where just the two of you exist.

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DG routines

I hesitate to call them routines… I still need to put in a bit of thought each time I run them. Which is a good thing. I prefer to stay away from fully canned material, even my own. Because:

  • Its bad for the soul (inner game)
  • Boring for (mainly) you, and also the girl
  • One of my major weaknesses coming into game was spontaneity. In that regard, canned routines are pouring water into a leaky bucket.

I prefer to think of these as framework to build my set around.

1a. You look like you’re from… 

You meet a clearly forgein girl, and the idea is to guess where she is from. You draw out the ‘you must be from’ statement, frowning a little bit, as if you’re thinking. Then follow up with a totally random country.

Eg. Girl is obviously asian

Odin: Jeez, you’re are so totally from… actually, i’m not sure… its gotta be Germany, right?

Girl: Huh? Germany. What? NO.

Odin: Nah, I can totally imagine you drinking a huge beer and wearing a skimpy dirndl outfit. Guten Tag!

Variation: guess a country that she could conceivably be – but probably isn’t – from. Make it one that you think she wouldn’t like to be associated with. For example, Jap girls love their pale skin. Tell her you think she’s Thai, because it looks like she spends a lot of time on the beach. Be playful, not insulting.

1b. So you just decided to come over to Australia to find out…

This is all playful stereotyping. You’re a well traveled, observant man. Looking at her facial features, skin condition, clothes, accessories, and walking style, you’ve identified that she’s French, from Brittany to be precise, without her opening her mouth. Exclaim that she must’ve come over here to find out whether our croissants are tasty, and what sort of coats we put on our dogs when taking them for a latte.

Example: Self explanatory.

2. Two things

Lately i’ve been trying to get the girl investing more. I’ve come up with this little method to make it easy for her to keep the conversation going, because I guess its a bit of a shock having a big dude accost on the street. The idea is to mention that there’s two things about a certain topic you want to discuss, and then get sidetracked on the first. Later, when the conversation is slowing (ie, you’re letting her invest), she can ask you what the second one is.


Odin: There’s two things I really hate about Christmas. Number 1: I just look absolutely horrible in red. Cannot pull it off to save me. I’m trying to figure out how red and green became the colours of Christmas. Obviously Christmas trees are green. Except if they’ve got snow on them. Then they’re white. Blah blah blah:

Girl: Blah blah blah blah blah

Girl: Hey, you never told me the second thing you hate about Christmas.

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Been in a massive rut lately. Really shit.

All of my regulars have slowly dropped out of rotation – various reasons:

  • China #1: Getting too attached, decided to let her down as gently as possible. Went ok.
  • China #2: WEnt overseas for a holiday, unsure of her status as she saw me on a date with another babe, and seems a bit (but not too much) pissed. Will reassess on her return.
  • Italy: Blew up in my face and said she didn’t want to see me again. Ever. Started txting me the next day, so she’ll probably come round.
  • Hong Kong: On a big holiday.

Yes I’m aware I need more non-Asians.

So no regular sex for the first time in a while. On top of that, I’ve had a string of shitty dates, not even getting makeouts. Two things that I’ve identified that are causing this:

  1. I’m too confident with my daygame? I am choosy with my daygame. Because my daygame is way better than my dategame, I struggle to convert dates to lays?
  2. My conversation on dates can be very boring. I jump around on topics all the time, cos I can’t let a single strand of conversation flow. This is a big socialising problem for me. I should be more present. To fix this, my new rule is that in any conversation, I won’t let myself jump around from between discrete topics. Continuity is key:

This is ok:

Me: How’s your day been?

Her: I went shopping and bought a new pair of jeans

Me: Cool, you get a bargain? [or anything about jeans, shopping, retail, something I just bought, etc, etc – basically letting it flow]

This isn’t:

Me: How’s your day been?

Her: I went shopping and bought a new pair of jeans

Me: Cool, so what music you into.

The above is a basic example. The idea is to never overtly change the topic. Think of it like a river. It can change direction slightly, but it can’t suddenly jump from one place to another. That’s the idea anyway.

The shy-girl kiss close

Or the introverted-girl KC I guess.

Seems like a lot of the girls I go for are introverted. The type wearing long, flowery skirts, and cute scarves, usually spending a Friday night drinking tea with a friend rather than slamming the clubs. Couple this with the fact that I target them during the day, and tend not to drink even when I’m at a bar – not that I don’t like boozing, but its either ON or OFF for me. These girls are gonna resist your advances, though they want it. They’re just not used to having a trillion dudes hitting on them over the course any given weekend, and as I need to escalate by the end of the second date, you needa deal with that resistance. With a more sexualised girl, you can just go in for the kiss, but an introvert needs more comfort, which you as a busy man don’t have time for.

Enter the shy girl kiss close.

You want to be building deep rapport, and getting plenty of basic kino going. Hand holding, putting your arm round her, etc. Act familiar. Then it goes a little something like this:

  1. You warn her you are thinking about kissing her
  2. She expresses doubts – and contradictory body language tells.
  3. You agree, but suggest those doubts are not the be all and end all
  4. She expresses less strong doubts, the forebrain high-brain conflict reveals itself
  5. You kiss her.

You: [Let the conversation die off, naturally, fix her with a stare – get her attention, so she knows your gonna tell her something] I’m thinking about kissing you… [pause and gauge reaction… verbal and non-verbal*] but I know you’re kinda shy. [You’re giving her a warning, letting her get used to the idea, without having to commit to it. You’re not asking for her permission, but if she gives it, go in… Duh]

Her: Maybe I’m too shy for that, I don’t know, etc… [Look for contradictory body language tells]

You: True, but I think secretly you might want to try it too…

Her: I’m not sure, I’m not sure…

You: [slowly move your head towards hers, expect her to do the same. Kiss her gently and slowly. She’ll enjoy it.]

The key here is having the ability to read what her non-verbals are telling you. Look for contradictions in what she says and does. She’ll verbally refuse, but non-verbally encourage. Eg.

  • Not move away from you
  • Increase her touching of you – applying pressure to your hand if she’s holding it
  • Hold strong eye contact, look for pupil dilution indicating excitement. The ‘Its ON’ eyes.
  • Looking away from you, then bact toward you… darting eyes are the classic forebrain/hindbrain conflict.

When you see some of this, you wanna grab her (figuratively) and force her hand by going in for the kiss. The forebrain should relent under your direction and the hindbrain’s desire. Expect things to get easier once you’ve overcome this barrier, but be wary of their attachment.

Advice for noobs

Could also be titled Daygame is a Bitch

This post isn’t intended to offer you the latest snazzy Daygame opener.  Its just advice that I hope will help guys stick with daygame.  Someone told me that there’s a 90% drop out rate for guys trying their hand at street approaching, and I’ve definitely met heaps of psyched guys only to have them drop off the radar a week or two later.  I’ve been doing 10-30 approaches a week for the last 6 months or so.  Its been one of the best six months of my life, up there with going on exchange to Sweden.  But at times its been really fucking hard as well*.  There’s two points I want to make which I hope stop some guys from giving up.

1. When you start out, street approaching is hard.  There were so many times when I was walking around getting rejected (or just not even approaching), thinking “Why am I doing this.  I could be at home chilling on the couch.”  Don’t let those thoughts get to you.  Its part of the process.  When I’ve told other guys about this, they’ve all said they felt the same way.  Daygame is a rollercoaster ride.  The lows and highs are extreme.  I remember being over the moon at my first number.  I have no idea how many numbers I’ve now collected, but its still a great feeling every time.  Next time getting rejected gets you down, remember that feeling could be just one more set away.  The youtube videos will have you believe it should all be fun and games, but its totally not, so don’t worry when not every set is a huge success.

2. Get yourself some wings that you get on well with, preferably who are at your level, and go have fun.  More important than any of the girls I’ve closed are the friendships I’ve made.  Getting rejected is a lot easier when you can go and have a laugh over it with your mate 10 seconds later.  On that note, go to all the meet ups you can, or organise your own.  If the newbies night  was anything to go by, then there are plenty of guys out there who are keen to make progress.

The rewards from this stuff are huge, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to go through a lot of hard work to get there.

*Funnily enough, the two things I’ve tried this year, daygaming and aid climbing, are both up their with some of the hardest shit I’ve ever done.  If anyone reading this knows what aid climbing is, don’t do it!  So many times I’ve thought to myself, Daygame is a bitch! or Aid climbing is a bitch!

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A feminist submits…

A fact of life, and a key part of of every gamer’s tool box is that women love to submit to a strong man.

Leadership is a skill of men, and when it comes to courting the fairer sex, a man must learn to be decisive.  You make your intentions known when approaching, you choose which cafe to patronise on the instadate.  In the bedroom, its no different, and nothing made this clearer to me than Friday night’s lay.  Here’s how it went down.

Friday night, and Slider, K and myself are out on the town. After a few false starts, we find ourselves  – of course – at the Tranny.  There wasn’t a whole lot going on, but K spotted and nicely opened a bunch of hidden Venezuelan girls… however we later found ourselves inundated with (fairly cool) Venezuelan dudes.  Nothing doing.

Over to the dance floor.  Again, some sets that went nowhere fast.  Hmmm.  Slider’s still with a Venezuelan – grabbing her number I believe, and K and I were about ready to move on.  A two set ambles past, and I open the only acceptable (the best way to describe her) girl, who hooks fairly easily. She’s half Fijian (though you wouldn’t know it), half Kiwi.  Over the next hour things progress with some intimate dancing and making out.  Her friend – who, it turns out lives in my street – gives me the go ahead, which is very nice of her indeed.

Through the course of the evening a few red flags have reared their ugly heads.  She:

  • Refuses to dance to Blurred Lines
  • Doesn’t like ‘offensive’ terms such as ‘banging girls’
  • Likes to throw around the phrase ‘rape culture’

A clear indication of her views on gender politics, but nonetheless she’s pleasant and fun to dance with.  Sooner or later we’re back at my place (She wants to pay for the cab.  I am happy about this.  Fuck me I’m poor!!).  As the clothes come off, I politely inform her that I’ll be fucking her every which way under the sun.  The conversation goes like this (ad libbed as I was drunk and don’t remember the exact words – they’re not important but the meaning behind them is).

Me: Do you realise that I’ll be doing to you whatever I please.  I’ll be doing you hard, and you may have trouble walking tomorrow morning.

Her: Don’t saaaay that, its demeeeeaning.  [I stick my cock in and slowly start thrusting]

Me: Its true.  Its going to be harder than you can imagine.

Her: Yes!  Please! More! etc 

I carry on in the same vein… I don’t think I’ve ever been that verbally intense with a girl, and she’s loving it.  Its the type of degrading sex you see in a dirty porno.  When I’m done she starts flipping out.  Her body’s having a big argument with her brain.  Its all “I needed that.  It was fantastic –  I loved it.  But why did I love it.  That’s bad.  I’m worried.  It shouldn’t be like that.”  She decides she wants more but I’m drunk and sleepy.

Conclusion: Girls love to submit to a strong man.  It doesn’t mean that you’re demeaning them or getting one over them.  Its not misogynistic.  Its just how things are.  They get as much pleasure from it as you do from ripping the clothes off a young hottie.  Get into beast mode in the bedroom.

In the morning, she tells me she’s heard that 90% of college men have committed rape.  Bloody hell, where do they get these ideas from.

The importance of frame and a strong reality

Still confined by my AA. Been getting smiles, hair flicks and positive responses when I ask girls for directions. But can’t approach properly (eg. telegraph interest).

I’ve gotten back into OKC. This is bad because its discracting, and not real approaching. But I’m learning from it, particularly not to accept a girl’s frame (see below). I’ll stay with it for now, but not for long. Six weeks max from today.

Reading Krauser’s early posts, and he had the same issue as me. I feel that Daygame is interrupting girls, getting in the way of their day. Krauser’s instructor said:

This is tough to answer because its not in my reality. I’m offering them the value, I’m their opportunity

That’s important:


My reality is so weak. Every part of my life would benefit from a stronger reality. I should not accept someone elses’s frame. Learning to avoud that, as evidenced by this OKC convo

Me: Cute hair, but a boring profile… blah blah some shit about chocolate”

Her: Something about liking chocolate. Can’t you compliment me on something better than my hair”

Normally at this point I would’ve defended my compliment… thereby accepting her frame. Instead I went with this:

Me: Chocolate huh? Make sure you brush your teeth.

Her: Yes, and go to gym.

Ok its not like she’s massively hooked, but I don’t think I did too badly there.

Lesson: Keep the fuckin’ frame man!

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Date ideas

Had a big talk with a mate about gaming girls whilst we were on the  way to the beach. He’s put a heap of effort into learning this shit. More than I realised. Respect.

Anyway, we discussed date ideas. Nothing new, but worth mentioning.

1. Coffee, drink etc. Get her to come to yours first so she feels comfortable there. Basically my Hawthorn model is sorted. Basic premise is

  • Venue 1: Somewhere innocent (No booze).  I can use the Jap place near me, or a cafe
  • Venue 2: A casual bar
  • Venue 3: An intimate bar

Can combine Venue 2 and 3, throw in a walk, shopping or whatever for time dilation. Then move her back to mine.

2. Cook at mine or hers. Problems are my house sucks for that, and if she has flatmates its a cock block scenario.

3. Cocktails at mine. Could trigger ASD, so build comfort first. If she’s down, start it in garden, then to bedroom. Escalate.

4. Frisbee. You’re in a park (easy isolation), provides activity and a break from conversation, easy kino, and its free. Combine it with a coffee. Bam!

Some random thoughts

Been reading Krauser’s earlier posts. He’s the man! Great to see he struggled approaching… just like me. And fuck me, I can tell that he worked hard on this stuff. That’s what I need to do.

I kissed a fatty last night (writing this up in November, and I do not remember this… blocked from memory? LOL). Ugh. But one thing is that making out is no longer a ‘big thing’ for me. Progress.

A note on nutrition. There are no excuses for buying shit/unnecessary food. Today I spent $17 at Maccas. Fuck! I reckon I spend $10/week on unnecessary crap I don’t need. $520/year. That’s flights to NZ.I always rationalise “Oh I just need this [piece of shit food] this one time”. NO YOU FUCKING DON’T DAN! There’s no reason. I should set things up so there’s always good food available at home.

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