My girls

To be maintained:

Over the last 6 months, I must’ve hit on well over five hundred girls. One of the upsides to this (yes, besides the regular poon) is I’ve narrowed down the type of girls I go for from ‘hot ones’ to those meeting a specific set of criteria. Generally I know em when I see em, but its useful to write it down; to take that criteria from out of my subconscious and place it on firmer ground. Note, some of these are purely physical, some personality-related, and others are a mix. I’m a firm believer in the manifestation of personality through physical characteristics. The man who is clean-shaven or has neatly trimmed facial hair likely has a more ordered life than the man who has an unruly beard, and so on.

Lets get started.



  • Bubbly
  • Thoughtful and inquisitve
  • Introverted/shy/reserved – to some extent
  • Playful and smiling

Physical features

  • Long hair, particularly when huge and curly like this (or this or this)
  • A slim neck, and small jawline
  • Dark features (hair, eyes, skin)… really anything exotic looking
  • Leggy
  • A nice ass is a nice ass
  • Big eyes
  • Not that bothered about rack. Any height is fine.


  • Well dressed (I’m well aware of this being variable, and I’ll approach a hottie in her gym gear, but I appreciate it when girls put the effort in… no frankston skanks in ugg boots for me)
  • Long, flowing dresses
  • Split skirts
  • Girly trinkets – flowery spring scarves, cute hats, etc
  • Anything that shows personality… a 1940s film noir style, ethnic clothes, she looks unique, etc
  • Anything that accentuates her legs


  • Feminine body language – this, not this
  • Passionate and interested (in terms of lifestyle/hobbies)
  • Some level of sophistication
  • I could introduce her to my gran
  • Ethnicity: Asian, Eurasian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, South American… anything dark (by which I do not mean black)


  • Loud or overly talkative
  • Attention seeking
  • Look at me clothes (those shirts with slogans)
  • An obsession with labels and status
  • Dumb (by which I mean girls who make a point of watching Big Brother… sadly most of them)
  • Domineering


Cos we all like photos of hot ladies


Long dark hair, lovely legs, big eyes, stylish shoes and blouse with down to earth jeans, overall i suspect she’d have a nice personality


Solid ass, great curly hair, dark exotic features (could be Italian), knows how to dress. If I had to guess she’d be a little too attention seeking for me (note she’s sticking her chest out, posting photos of herself online, wearing provocative clothes during the day), but it wouldn’t stop me approaching to find out.