Over the last year or so, I’ve begun to realise what I want out of life. Everything has become clearer. I think this is partially a result of entering my late twenties. Its takes time to realise what life is all about. For example, I can’t think of many uni mates who really knew where they wanted to go with their life, back when we were undergrads. Anyway, I want to make a list of things that I want to get out of life. Many of these things will not happen overnight, but who knows, maybe I’ll check on this list in ten years.


8  Cheyne leading Pancake Flake

El Capitan – The Big Stone. A more badass way to spend five days there is not

I love climbing. The mountains and the courage and daring of those who conquered them awes me. I’d like to

  • Put up some trad first ascents
  • Send El-Cap
  • Do some routes in the real mountains (with snow and ice)
  • Sample some of the fine back country free routes over in the High-Sierra


  • Continue having sexual adventures
  • Meet some fine, sophisticated fun young ladies
  • Settle down with the best woman I can find


  • Master a traditional dance style
  • Learn a second language
  • Use my PhD to develop useful (money making) skills for life, and to contribute to the world’s knowledge
  • Develop a well rounded knwoledge of science, literature, economics, history etc


  • To live a life without unnecessary fear
  • To go after what I want
  • To not get bogged down in a shitty job, mortgage or marriage
  • To make the most of whatever situation I find myself in

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